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Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to Aces for Alzheimer’s!  We are a nonprofit organization in which we use our passion for tennis to further the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.  Twice a week, we set up online auctions and sell boxes of used tennis balls that are donated from our local tennis clubs.  All proceeds are then contributed  towards our cause.  Our mission is to support medical research in this field through our love for tennis!  We are proud to announce that after intensive investigation all of our proceeds are going to Dr. Richard Isaacson of the Weill Cornell Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic.  Click here for information about the clinic.

Our Projects 

Through two years of charity tennis tournaments and ball sales, we have raised over $70,000 that have gone towards various research projects in the field of Alzheimer’s prevention and education.  We have funded a project involving Whoop exercise bands in order to track lifestyle trends and how they will allow researchers to monitor brain activity and possible Alzheimer’s onset and symptoms.  This project is being preformed by Dr. Richard Isaacson at Weill Cornell Medicine in Manhattan, NY.

Our second project involves education.  We have found in our high school careers that there is limited education and discussion about Alzheimer’s and its effects, and as Alzheimer’s has touched both of our families, we thought that it was important that teenagers were educated about the disease and the possible ways to prevent its onset.  With our funds and feedback, we were able to create three high school lessons regarding Alzheimer’s that are on Alzheimer’s Universe, a website of Dr. Isaacson’s creation.  Click here to view the lessons.

Recognition from the Westchester County Executive, George Latimer 

On June 15, 2018, we were honored to be recognized and awarded by Westchester County Executive George Latimer for our efforts.





As seen at our Tall and Short Charity Tournament, here is a video produced by Leah Roffman that explains what we do and gives a little insight into what went into our April 29, 2017 event!

Special Thanks to Sportime Harbor Island and New Rochelle Racquet for their ongoing donations of tennis balls! 

Please make tax deductible donations to:

Aces For Alzheimers

67 Fernwood Rd Larchmont, NY 10538